The challenge of Logistics

Temperature rise in containers is caused by an ineffective internal airflow, the cold air from the cooling unit simply does not reach all corners of the container, resulting in hot spots that increase the respiration rate of the fruit.

Below deck, the cooling units of surrounding reefers generate additional heat between the containers, that makes it even harder to keep internal temperatures low.

To tackle this well-known problem exporters often place pieces of cardboard or plastic to manipulate the airflow (without proper results).

The many different approaches we have seen inspired us to explore the solution. And now, after more than a year of research and development, we proudly present OTFLOW:
The most efficient and easy-to-use product to improve the airflow inside containers.

100% Recycled material

Our mission is to increase shelf life and reduce fruit waste on a global scale. We also carefully choose our base materials, manufacturing practices and energy usage to minimize our environmental impact. It’s all part of our commitment to the environment at every stage.

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