Keeping your fruit cool

Reduce your temperature difference with 30%

With OTFLOW you make sure that the cold air is being evenly distributed throughout your container. With this improved air flow, the respiration rate of fruit is reduced. 
Meaning less claims and financial losses and fruit that lasts longer.

For less than €0,01 / kilo fruit, shipping world wide.

Quick to install

We understand that you need to keep the loading time short and made sure that placing OTFLOW is  quick and easy.

Proven effect

The effect of our products has been scientifically tested by Wageningen Food & Biobased Research.

Reduce waste

Our mission is to reduce fruit waste on a global scale, we make sure our materials are 100% recycled too.

Get the most effective and easy-to-use product to improve the distribution of cool air in reefer containers.

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